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"Hammering away like - Tommy Noble"

Written By Johnny Kenny on Monday, 25 July 2011


What do you get when you cross a classically trained musician, raw natural talent, and a “music theory” degree from one of the most elite private universities (Westmont) in California…  but wait; mine as well double it for a double-dose of eargasms… you would come up with – Tommy Noble.

Alex Quirk & Trevor Welch are the men behind the earth-shattering original music which in the past two months has stormed the West Coast & the international Beatport charts reaching #24 in the “electro house” genre and climbing every day. Welch who just graduated from Westmont this past year with a degree in “Music Theory” is spending his summer in the studio mastering music for film and other producers while also finding time to focus on piecing together some of the best original electro house drops to come out of California this year. Alex Quirk a junior at Westmont; is also studying “Music Theory”, and is spending his summer putting his education to work locking himself in his production studio for days on end working on Tommy Noble’s upcoming EP.

Tommy Noble will be playing some huge live shows in the upcoming months with Steve Aoki in San Luis Obispo & Fresno December 1st & 3rd, and you can also see them play at CON10UUM in San Luis Obispo on August 13th. Check out “upcoming events” at for more info on these shows! 

Alex Quirk & Trevor Welch together are an unstoppable force in the EDM world. You may not know their name yet but in the years to come they will ascend to the upper echelon of EDM producers…  don’t take my word for it their music speaks for itself… get ready to have an eargasm! 

Listen to Tommy Noble's original songs by following the link below:

Defying the Laws of Gravity - The Force of Sound

Written By Jake Stanier on Sunday, 24 July 2011


Sound force and weight. The fusion of which defines the experience of sound that goes so far as to fully engulf the senses and to envelope the mind. A collaboration of grimy baselines and hypnotic soundscapes along with a mesmerizing sonic boom and a full force party. What is all of this, you ask? That would be Bassnectar - one of the foremost pioneers of the Dubstep movement that is so prominent in our current generation, and guess what Central Coast residents!? He is going to be here, in Avila Beach this September, and it is going to be one of the most heart poundingly intense "beach party" concerts of the year!

As the contrivance of DJ/Producer Lorin Ashton, Bassnectar has become quite the Zeitgeist of the Electronic Era today, and one could without a doubt proclaim that he is one of the most well known names in EDM today. This is for very good reason too. His style alone is quite unique, and by blending mainstream music and underground dubs, along with adding in the occasion rapper, singer, or pitch-shifted and time-stretched vocal sample in combination with an ample spectrum of speeds, he has created what he calls omni-tempo maximalism. He describes it as "an amalgamation of every sound I've ever heard, mixed with ultra wicked baselines. Now how can one go wrong with that??

His live shows are another story. Each and every one is unique from the last. A typical Bassnectar show will consist of a span of everything from dubstep and electro to hip-hop and alternative rock, along with energy and vibes that travel so quickly and fluidly from the DJ table to the crowd that many say he puts on one of the most vigorous and energetic shows to date. To prove this true, just look back at his last few tours. He has headlined some of the most prominent venues in the country, and has played unforgettable sets at top festivals such as Coachella, Ultra, and Lollapalooza.

So why attend? Well, why not? Tickets are only $36 for this legendary "beach party", and you still have a little under two full months to get them, so get 'em fast, and get ready to defy gravity at the most intense concert of the summer!

Sweet Emotion | Robotic Pirate Monkey

Written By Johnny Kenny on Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Robotic Pirate Monkey is on a roll dropping mind-blowing remix's one after another. Not content with just staying in the studio these Bolder, Colorado natives just finished a 30+ show California tour where they played in almost every inch of the "Golden State".  If you never heard of RPM you're in for a treat... just "press play" on the video below. 

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